Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Advantage Modi Series IV

Ignorance, lies posing as truth                                                                               04 Oct, 2014
The RSS, in its effort to convert our modern secular democratic republic into a ‘Hindu rashtra’, is trying to rewrite out history

The latest incident of the dismissal of 11 Dalit students from a BJP state government-run school in Bikaner, Jaipur, on the grounds that they were drinking water from an earthen pot earmarked for an upper caste teacher once again highlights the continuing caste and social oppression in our country. It is indeed the irony of our times that on the same day the RSS chief released three books authored by a BJP spokesperson, carrying forewords by three top RSS leaders attributing the genesis of Dalits, tribal’s and many other oppressed groups to “Muslim invasion in medieval times”. RSS leaders claim that these castes had come into existence due to atrocities by foreign invaders and did not exist in Hindu religion earlier.

 It is the tenacity of such a criminally oppressive social order that continues to perpetuate gross injustices in India today. According to a report published by the ministry of labour. According to a report published by the ministry of labour in 2001, (the last of its kind), 15% of the population constituting the three upper castes (Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas) with no legal reservations occupy 66.5% of political representation, 43% of education, 87% of employment, 97% of business and 94% of landed estates. The rest of the population consisting of the OBCs (Shudras), the share of 85% share the rest in hopeless conditions of inhuman inequality. This social order has to be overthrown to begin the struggle for justice. The RSS/BJPs agenda of rewriting Indian history is designed to perpetuate such unacceptable levels of social oppression along with the denial of basic human rights for anyone they consider as un-Hindu-their blueprint for the future of India.

Stop Hate Crimes
PM Modi must condemn Sadique Shaikh’s murder-and repeal draconian Section 66A

The brutal bludgeoning to death of Pune-based 28-years-old techie Mohsin Mohamed Sadique Shaikh-his alleged killers belonged to the extremist Hindu Rashtra Sena and were apparently incensed over social media messages they found objectionable-is shocking. But not surprising, perhaps. The climate of intolerance in which such hate crimes thrive-Shaikj was picked on simply because he looked Muslim-has been created ironically by the law itself, in the form of the draconian Section 66A of the Information Technology Act which in effect criminalizes free speech over the internet. Previously, this section-which prescribes arrest and punishment for anyone deemed to use communication devices to send messages causing a gamut of possible impacts, from annoyance and inconvenience to intimidation and enmity- has been widely used by the political class for silencing free speech, thus becoming a tool of intimidation itself. On each occasion Section 66A’s use met with vociferous protests pointing out both its absurdities-such as equating annoyance with criminal intimidation-and its gross overreach in a democracy where freedom of speech includes a right to offend.

Finally the venom & hatred In the recently concluded by elections in some of the states, UP was one of them. BJP let loose about half a dozen unbridled rabid “D-ogs” to spread the hatred and create religious enmity. The leading the force was Yogi Adityanath (MP), Swami Sakshi Maharaj (MP) and they were duly supported by Lakshmi Kant Bajpai (BJP President-UP). Even Kalraj Mishra a Cabinet Minister in the Union Cabinet wanted to be part of the team of unbridled & rabid D-ogs. The words spoken by these goons reflected such poor quality of people are not worth repeating the words. Most surprising is none of the senior leaders or others condemned their hate speeches. The “Head Master” has decided to keep mum and let his D-ogs barke.

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