Monday, September 22, 2014

Honorable, respectable PM Namoji,- Series-II

Honorable, respectable PM Namoji,-       Series-II                              September 20, 2014

 (1)     He’s not a listener, so learn to live with it – says Mark Tully
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come to remind me of an old-fashioned headmaster. He reportedly treats his ministers as schoolchildren, telling them what to wear, who to meet, and what to say.
Communicating by twitter and disregarding the voices of experience can isolate the PM.
As narrated by Mark Tully HT August 31, 2014.

 (2)     Listen, Achee  Din Aayenge kab ? As disused by Meena Om
Acchhe din or good times will come only when there is goodness in society. For  this, thorough preparation is needed. We need to become good humans in order to form a better society. If good times were to arrive with mere money power, then it should have happened by now, considering that materially, we are ahead of what we were earlier, as a society. Our purchasing power has increased; our desired have grown, but goodness has not grown. Seva Bhaav, service, respect for others, love, reverence for resources all these have not moved up. 

Goodness can manifest only when it is supported and enhanced by truth, Badappan, large-heartedness and Prabhuta, perpetual joy in life. How can it come? God is not an externality to be achieved through worship or sycophancy; God is Satchidanand, eternal bliss of a truthful soul, manifesting through Santosh, contentment,  Badappan, magnanimity, forgiveness, understanding, good relationships and, most importantly, by not looking to the fruits of one’s labour but working selflessly. Forgiveness, fearlessness and love do not cost money.   
As narrated by Meena Om  HT August 30, 2014.
(3)      Modies Work Force
Category ‘A’ :- Rajnash, Jaitly, Sushma Swaraj, Gadkari, Amit Shah leaders now.
Category ‘B’ :- V Naidu, P Javadeker, Ravi Shanker Prasad, Rajeev Pratap, Piyush Goel.
Category ‘C’ :- Smiriti Irani
Category ‘D’ :- Shahnawaz Hussain, MA Naqvi
Stated fact :- Rajnath & Sushma Swaraj would be wiped off in this tenure earlier (2019) Next to follow would be Gadkari & Javadekar.

(4)    Your “Teachers Day interaction” with the students was a very clever move. Why was this not done for Teachers only? The interaction with young students would have been done on “Bal Divas” 14 Nov. But you saffronite detaste Nehru, the leader thinker, visionary and one of the statesman builder of Modern India.

              You could be called a very shrewd politician. You address to the students of 10-15 yrs of age is a very well planned “Political Strategy”.  You were baptizing futuristic young voters of India is next to 5 to 10 yrs. That is why you made a very confident statement “I am safe till 2024”.   

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