Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Honorable, respectable PM Namoji,- Series-I

Honorable, respectable PM Namoji,-       Series-I                              September 18, 2014

(1)      Advantage Modi  

You are sailing on “High Seas” safe and sound, with your own 283+50 (of your gang SAD, SS, TD). Your no is 333. Highest ever in last 30 yrs. Not only that all of them have been elected because of Modi. In 40% of there 333 constituencies locals did not evem know who is the candidate. Just to elaborate I asked my “ ekyh fdldks oksV fn;k ” very reluctantly  he told me “ eksnh dks Mky fn;ks ”. He did not know the candidate.

(2)            Modis Mantra of Good Governance
·         Blame the UPA. Organize / Reorganize the Ministries.
·         Cleaning campaign of the offices.  
·         Lecturing the new MP’s on etiquettes / behavior within the parliament and outside.

(3)      Rail Budget
(a)              Semi high speed trains, Bullet Train World, class railway stations examples Beijing & London. Where we get world class people ?
(b)              I recently travelled by an express train from Bareilly to Lucknow (31 August 14), AC II tiers.  Curtain were torn windows were cracked/or with patch work. On the return by a VIP trains from Luckonw the train was held up (at Katra) for engine problem for 2 hrs.
(c)               The necessity is to improve the existing standards of up keep of trains & railway stations, catering, on time performance and foremost a courteous behavior from the railway staff.

 (4)     No meeting or greeting here
A week ago, a Cabinet Minster with important portfolios was on his way to meet a leading industrialist in Mumbai when he received a call on his cell phone from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). A senior official was on the other end and clearly aware of the minister’s whereabouts. The PMO’s message was short but stern: he has no business meeting the industrialist. The minister, sensing danger, not just returned to his hotel but took the next flight back to Delhi. Big brother is watching you.

 (5)     Fringe Hindu groups are dong no good to Narendra Modi

While the entire nation was mourning  the demise of Jnanpith award winner UR Ananthamurthy, it came as a cruel chock to learn that a few hooligans, allegedly belonging to some Hindu fringe groups, celebrated his death by dancing and bursting crackers. These fringe elements must remember that their celebration is not only in bad taste but could also do Narendra Modi More harm than good. 

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