Thursday, August 28, 2014

Immense Power of Fullfillment through LOVE

Immense Power of Fullfillment through LOVE                                                     August 27, 2014

Love has its mysterious ways of being fulfilled. All of us seek fulfillment in some form or other. Some seek it in relationships; others seek it in power, name, fame or making money. But all of us seek fulfillment. Everything else other than love puts you in ‘wanting mode’ but not in a ‘fulfilling mode’. Love is the only mysterious energy which makes you feel fulfilled. So in the corporate context, can you bring in love?

Do what you love and love what you do. Love your work, love your difficulties, and love the richness of difference between you and your boss. What is wrong with difference? Why should you see it without the energy of love? If you bring this energy to your work front then you don’t need a holiday from work, for work itself becomes holiday. Love is experienced in a way that you accept people as they are and motivate them to peak their potential. Love makes one enjoy one’s relationships and work and it builds trust in a relationship. Through that you accept the weakness and faults of the other; be it your boss or spouse and learn to love them as they are.

During the civil war someone approached Lincoln and said, “We have got an enemy, and somehow we should get rid of them. Destroy them”. But Linclon’s commitment was to make friends of his enemies. Can we learn from Lincoln the power of love? Lincoln responded, “If I turn my enemy into a friend, have I not slain my enemy?” This is the power of love. Lincoln continued his commitment. In your organization there could be internal enemies but instead of being stressed out, learn to love them, accept them, make friends and transform them. The whole process is love and in the whole proves there is fulfillment.

Understanding the other at work or home comes when you see the other as he is. Understanding comes through being aware of “what is”. To know “what is” you should not allow your interpretation, prejudice, conclusion to interfere in your perception. You should see “what is” without condemnation, without giving your personal slants to your perception. You always give personal slants for you are caught up with your own point of view and hence is in “self love”

Love is to “self love”. “Self love” is exclusive. Love is always inclusive. When you exclude the other, you are in conflict with the other and hence there would be chaos. When you truly love the other, include the other, you are not in conflict. Team spirit happens in such an inclusive space. The corporate world will be in order if one learns to explore how love can be the basis of one’ work. This should be our real goal. From this backdrop, go ahead in reaching your materialistic targets. Then life is truly fulfilling.

There is no worship ¼iwtk½ greater than “SERVICE TO MANKIND”.

Long live the spirit of Special Olympics

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