Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fact File-Independence Day Special

Forewarned has to be forearmed                                                                               14  August, 2014

The RSS, which is against the idea of India as a pluralistic society, is seeking to negate the vibrancy of the mosaic that distinguishes the country

A disturbing tendency visible during the election campaign appears to have become the perfected strategy of the RSS/BJP now in government with an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha, albeit with a mere 31% share of those who voted. This tendency, true to their character, is to speak/act with a forked tongue-one for public consumption to give a false comfort level and the other for ground level mobilization. The BJP discharges this responsibility as the political arm of the RSS. Thus, ‘development’ and ‘Gujarat model’ employed as election mascots were only the veil concealing the actual ground reality of the campaign that focused on the sharp ening of communal polarization. It is, therefore, quite natural that this BJP victory would lead to the aggressive pursuit of the RSS ideological project of converting the secular democratic Indian Republic into their version of rabidly intolerant fascistic ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

This has been confirmed by the RSS chief who, at Cuttack on August 10, asked that if inhabitants of England are English, Germany are Germans and the US are Americans, then why aren’t inhabitants of Hindustan not known as Hindus. He went to say, “The cultural identity of all Indians is Hindutva and the present inhabitants of the country are descendents of this great culture. Within a few weeks of the new government, those who were arguing during the election campaign that the BJP is downplaying its communal agenda are already feeling betrayed and, thus, silenced. The core Hindutva agenda-the abrogation of Article370, Uniform Civil Code, building of the Ram temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya-have all been articulated by Cabinet ministers and RSS leaders. A Goa minister has stated that with the BJP’s victory, the establishment of a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ has begun. At the ground level, this is reflected in the sharpening of communal tensions across the country leading in some places to brutal riots and the death of innocent Indians.

There is also an element of ‘social engineering’ in fomenting such communal tensions. The crescendo of incendiary speeches is rising. Last week, a VHP leader thundered in Indore that the Muslims may have forgotten Gujarat 2002 but would remember the Muzaffarnagar riots last year. This comes on the heels of another VHP patron saying that, “Tables had turned on the Muslims”. The signals, thus, are amply clear. Being forewarned must mean being forearmed. Every patriotic Indian must rise to the occasion to prevent such sharpening of communal polarization that has the potential to weaken and disintegrate the immensely rich and diverse social fabric that has woven together out great country.

In addition to what Sitaram Yechury (a veteran CPM leader) has said Parliamentarians of Modi Sarkar are being regimented & baptized to saffron culture. Directions have been issued to all the MP’s (made by Modi) not to leave Delhi on 15 Aug. Rather each one of them are to be present at “Red Fort” to Modi ji Sermon. Nobody dare defy his (NaMo) directions and dictum. They all know & owe their electoral victory to NAMO. None of the BJP MP’s are leaders in themselves.

It is always traditional and politically desired to attend “Independence Day functions, celebrations in their own constituencies, for social interaction and connectivity. As this was not enough all NAMO’s MP’s have been directed (rather ordered) to attend a sermon from Shri Bhaiya ji (2nd in command of RSS) on 14 Aug from 0730 to 0830 (At Vhekaiha Naidu’s residence) Complete regimentation saffronization, baptization is on by the “Prime Mover” of the BJP the RSS. 

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