Monday, May 19, 2014

The Challenges Ahead-Fact File (THE 3 BIG JOBS FOR NEXT PM)

THE 3 BIG JOBS FOR NEXT PM                                                                  20 May 2014

The BJP has won the big battle-the elections-but a bigger war awaits it. India’s 1.2 billion people are looking to Team Modi for solutions to some serious problems. How he deals with them will determine the country’s future.

Taming inflation and slaying price monster
By all indications, the price situation could worsen in the coming months, given a high likelihood of below-average mansoon this summer threatened by the EI Nino weather phenomenon that affect wind patterns and can trigger both floods and drought.
Creating jobs and spurring growth
The biggest challenge facing India is to spin jobs and multiply incomes in a sustainable way. Productive jobs is the best form of financial inclusion.
Showing minorities they’ve nothing to fear
For most of India, these elections were fought around bread-and butter issues and those related to governance. However, minorities, particularly Muslims and Christians, looked at them through a completely different prism. Muslims have been historically wary about Hindutva-based parties, whom they view as a threat to their identity. Modi’s candidacy for the top job only heightened these fearsin the run-up to the polls. Now, that the Narendra Modi-led BJP has got a thumping verdict, it ought to demonstrate that minorities have no reason to fear.


HIGH PRICES- 5.20% Wholesale inflation in Apr, Down from 5.70% in Mar
Rising prices hit family budgets hard. The same amount of money now buys fewer goods. Clothing, medical care, education, eating out and most other services have turned dearer.
JOBLESSNESS-15mn Jobs added during 2004 and 2012
About 12 million people join the queue of young hopefuls every year. Finding jobs from them is a key challenge
INDUSTRIAL DECELERATION- 0.1% Fall in India’s industrial output in 2013-14
Higher prices and need to find additional money for EMIs force curbs on purchases of televisions and cars.

NaMo has been elusive, non committal vague in his utterances like a “Master Tactician” how and when will he fulfill or reach near to all the aspiration & expectation  of the people.

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