Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Modi-How he emerged a GIANT?

Modi-How he emerged a GIANT?                                                                      May 29, 2014

A RSS volunteer, and then RSS Pracharak for 27 years, Introduced as a RSS inductee at National Level in BJP in eighties. Directed by RSS to take over the regional head of BJP in Gujarat in the Nineties. Feel good philosophy started eliminating top leaderships of Guajarat BJP who could be a threat to his (NaMo’s) political rise. Became CM of Gujarat in the year 2000 and continued till he took over as PM.

Rise as a National Leader and became PM of India.

A highly ambitions & ruthless with absolute clarity of his aim- to become the undisputed leader of BJP and the PM of India. Garnered full support of the RSS. RSS has been working for last 4 years on the strategy and planning for the purpose. A special task force was set up within RSS under the complete direction of Mohan-Bhagwat- “Sarsangh Chalak” of the RSS. It was first planned to project him leader of the BJP. He (NaMo) orchestered the RSS to declare him the undisputed leader of the BJP. The PM Candidate. Finally NAMO was declared the PM candidate of the BJP, on 13 Sep 2013 this was against the wishes of the top leadership of the BJP Lal Krishna Adwani/Murli Manohar Joshi/Sushma Swaraj. They all stand dwarfed and eliminated against the great HINDU Nationalist Bhai Narendra Das Modi.

Master minding the election process

 RSS galvanized 42000 shakha ¼”kk[kk½ all over India. More than 6,50,000 volunteers ¼Loa;lsod½ kept working for about last 4 years which saw the biggest polarization of Hindu votes. The political parties like BSP, SP and even the congress stand decimated in the largest state UP (with 80 parliamentary seats). For the first time, not a single muslim is represented in UP in the “16th Loksabha”.

RSS has turned a Nationalist Hindu MODI to a Hindu/Nationalist. People like Giriraj Singh of Bihar/Araidyanath and Vinay Katiyar from UP/Uma Bharti of MP (though now elected MP from UP) would remain unleashed. Only time would say how and where we are headed.
Wish NaMo and his team well

Sabka Vikas/Sabka Sath

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