Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Political Gimmicks

Political Gimmicks


Modi needs to come up with concrete proposals on how he can restore high growth. No mention of his turnaround plan. He is misguiding and his propaganda is normally a bundle of lies. One example of his reported lies is- “he states Nehru Gandhi Parivar has dominated for last 60 years give me 6 years.”

The PM’s of India

Aug 47 to May 1952- Jawahar Lal Nehru as head of the Constituent Assembly.
May 1952-May 1964- 12 years Jawahar Lal Nehru (elected Govts).
June-1964-Jan 1966 0- 18months Lal Bahadur Shastri.
Jan 1966-May 1977 - 11 years  Indira Gandhi
1977-1980 – 2 years+ Morar ji Desai
1980-1984 -  4 years Indira Gandhi
1984-1989 –5 years Rajeev Gandhi
1989-1991 – 2 years V.P. Singh, CharanSingh & Chandra Shekhar
1991-1996 – 5 years Narsimha Rao
1996-2004 – 13 Days +13 Month+ 5 years (total 6 years)Atal Behari Vajpayee
2004-2014- Dr. Manmohan Singh
To conclude: Total 62 years of elected Govt’s. Congress- Nehru, Gandhi Family remained at the helm of affairs for 34 years. Congress was in power for 50 years and non congress govts for 12 years. Out of 50 years of congress ruled elected Govt, total 6 PM’s and 3 PM’s (16/2 years were not from Nehru Gandhi family). During 12 years of Non congress govts 7 PM’s

NaMo speaks loud, louder and repeatedly tells lies and the innocent people tend to believe him.


‘AAP more confusionist than anarchist-but people tired with others’ Says Tariq Ali
Kejriwal may become Abhimanyu of Mahabharat, where he learns how to enter the chakravyuh and doesn’t know how to exit. –KN Govindacharya

Racism, Our Dirty Secret

As a nation, we are hardwired to see racial prejudice only where Indians are victims and where ‘while people’ are perpetrators. But racism against Indians by Indians thrives. And neither is it confined to the attitudinal behavior of ‘mainland Indians’ towards ‘northeasterners’, the latter also capable of their very own brand of xenophobia. For the ‘social mindset’ to change, the law must first treat, and be seen treating, crimes against northeast Indians seriously. It is how law enforcers deal with cases in which ethnic or racial minorities are victims and complainants that will determine whether India confines itself to benign discrimination. Until then, constitutional exceptions will continue to prove a shameful rule. 

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