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What Critics say
Develop new and better roads, highways, ports, airports, and revive shuttered power plants.
Not a new idea. Fewer projects are in the works not because of poor planning but because of environmental hurdles.
Highly capital intensive. The government estimates that India needs to spend $1 trillion till 2017 to improve infrastructure.
Bullet trains to all four corners of the country.
Taking up comprehensive rail reforms is more urgent.
Running a bullet train on the 550-km Mumbai-Ahmedabad stretch will cost Rs. 63,000 crore, as these trains, which travel at 300-350 kmph, need laying of new elevated tracks.
100 modern, smart and witeless cities free of slums and sensitive to the environment.
Raising finances will be hard as tax collection in India is one of the lowest.
An 80 sq km hi-techcity in Korea, for instance, is planned at $264 billion. 
Boost Brand India by levelaging 5 Ts-tradition, talent, tourism, technology, trade.
Brand India intact, but external factors-a global downturn –have been a drag.
International Energy Agency says India will need about $2.1 trillion investment in energy by 2035.
Tame inflation, now at 9.87%, by controlling the supply side, punishing hoarders.
Inflation high due to food inflation, which has benefited growers of food.
Steps to curb inflation can hit growth and stifle investment.
Promote higher education and make it accessible to more aspirants.
Improving quality of higher education more important than quantity, 41% faculty seats vacant in existing IITS.
Higher drain on the exchequer. During the 12th Five Year Plan (2007-12), the planned expenditure on higher education was over Rs 1 lakh crore.
Interlinking of rivers along the Gujarat model, where the Narmada has been linked to 20 other rivers.
Tough to execute due to massive environmental impact and issues of rehabilitation of those affected.
The project will cost $120 billion. Besides issues of rehabilitating the displaced. Massive environmental damage.
Namo has spelt out the plan as he is going to head a “Developed Nation”. He appears to be totally devoid of real India. We have many major Priority areas for for immediate concern. 1.25 billion months to be fed, quality of education, quality of basic health to masses. Corruption galore, unemploymwnt, crime against women communel dusturbances.

Lawessness is increasing violence is on the rise, youth is getting impatient. The biggest problem is not only rising but exploding population. India to exceed China’s Population by 2025, likely to reach 1.6 billion (160 crore by 2050 and 2 billion (200 crore) by the end of the century. Does NaMo’s has any plan? IRAN realised the rising population as major problem. IRAN brought down their TFR from above 7,  to below 3.0 in a matter of 30 years.

He has worn all types, of caps and dresess to cover up his rallies. But he refused to wear a skull cap (MuslimCap) rather threw it back in the hands of the cleric in one of the funtions in Gujarat. This selective judgment on his part displays NaMo’s distaste of a partiuclar community. He is fully governed by the philosphy of RSS. He served for 27 years as a Pracharak (çpkjd) of RSS. This aspect he never mentions.

NaMo’s wide accpatance as a “National Leader” is highly doubtful and questionable.

Adopted from IT 24 Feb 2014

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