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21 Jan 2014
                                                               Random Thoughts
What AAP stands for
       A-     Anarchism,     A- Authoritarian,   P-  Pullulated ideas

AK and his gooms decided a new format to arouse emotions for their. Three Major Failure, “Failure of Janta Darbar” “Revolt in the Party “Non completion of their promised manifesto in the prescribed time frame.

So they found a mechanism to divert the attention of Aam Adimi from the real issues

AAP’s mandate is for improving law and order, not subverting it

In a clear case of overreach, two AAP ministers faced off with Delhi police last week. First, women and child welfare minister Rakhi Biria tried pressuring the police into arresting the in-laws of a woman who had been allegedly burned by them. Second, law minister Somnath Bharti and his supporters tried hectoring law officers into conducting a late-night raid, and arresting a group of African women for allegedly dealing drugs and running a sex racket. The confrontational way in which the two ministers got personally involved in these cases exemplifies a misreading of the remit of their offices. Ministers, no matter how well –meaning, cannot afford to chuck policymaking and behave like chowkidars.

Law and order in a democracy depends on rules and procedures that cannot be subverted. Bharti’s case in particular highlights why police procedures cannot be thrown to the wind. Reportedly, the law minister and his supporters insisted that police conduct a raid without a search warrant and detain the women at night against rules. Meanwhile, the women have alleged that Bharti and his men illegally entered their house, molested them, detained them in a car and forced them to undergo drug tests, which turned out to be negative. In fact, they feared worse had the police not been there to object to the minster’s highhandedness.

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