Sunday, January 19, 2014

India Against Corruption

The movement started by Arvind Kejriwal (when he claimed to be an activist) was not showng much following. He (AK) roped in Anna in 2011 to spearhead this movement. Anna a simple ex soldier of the Indian Army, who had done social work in his village (Ralegaon) and later in the state of Maharashtra, fell in this trap of AK. And Anna’s leadership brought the movement  to a “National Focus”.  AK and his agents Gopal Rao, Manish Sisodia, Sanjay Singh, Kumar Vishwas became “Zero” to “Hero” overnight. Mainly due to overzealous electronic media.

What is corruption? Corruption is not a standalone phenomenaon : Corruption is not limited to petty (LL) officials making some small sum in providing unlawful help or services to “Aam Adami”. Corruption is neglect of duty, people in Govt services, pvt jobs industry indulge in business activities or even setting up NGO’s. All this is against the norms. The movement started as an “anti corruption” surge, culminated in political Party AAP. Their agenda was misguiding the “Janta’. The AAP gave a call to be indisciplined (vuq’kklughurk ) Jungle Raj (vjktdrk) As a part of their election strategy AAP leaders and volunteers engaged in sending wrong messages.

a.       Don’t pay your electricity dues.
b.      If you even thieve electricity go ahead
c.       If your electricity is disconnected/ redo/(due to nonpayment of bills) yourself or call me (AK) or our volunteers

It is the easiest way of character demolition. We the people mostly want to lead an indisciplined life. You can motivate the people to agitate in the shortest possible time.  Character building; positive social change, nation building is a process of decades/generation. What other political parties have taken decades to offer that is free goodies to the Janta; AAP has done this in the beginning free, water/highly subsidized electricity. Without analyzing its long term effect or what to say even short term. AAPs rise can be compared to small screen performer RAKHI SAWANT. Her body language, postures attracted the young boys a great deal. She glamorized all young men, was scintillating and gave them sleepless nights and vanished in a matter of 2-3 years.

AAP wants to become BAP (cki): A man becomes BAAP around the age of 24 years. Here AAP wants to become BAAP with in the just24 months.

AAP to little good here

Bhushan’s espousal of referendum on the forces in Naxalite areas shows AAP’s lack of understanding of national issues

The term referendum seems dear to the heart of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Prashant Bhusan. This is the word we have heard most often from his since AAP’s historic victory. First he sought a referendum in Kashmir to ascertain whether the armed forces should be deployed there. His own party, under heavy fire from other political parties, disagreed with him. Not one to be deterred that easily he now wants a referendum to see whether the security forces, which he feels are handmaidens of big corporate, should be removed from Naxal-domina.ted areas. This has of course set off a flutter in the dovecotes of politics. Now, to express such sentiments if you are a civil society activist protesting at Jantar Mantar is one thing and is acceptable. But now that he is part of a party which is in governance, there are certain areas into which it is best not to go into without understanding all the ramifications. We wonder if Mr. Bhusan has asked those living in Naxal-dominated areas whether they would feel safer with the removal of the security forces. Has he made this comment after having studied all the facts? We suspect not. Mr. Bhusan’s remarks are irresponsible and serve to highlight his party’s lack of understanding of larger national issues.

There is CHAOS in AAP, Better watch out

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