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Not sharp or symbolic

Not sharp or symbolic                                                                              11 Sept 2013
Obama’s handling of Syria is a case study in how not to do foreign policy
The president started out with an understanding that the Syrian conflict is a messy sectarian struggle that cannot be influenced easily by American military intervention. He was disciplined in resisting calls to jump into a cauldron. But from the start he confused and undermined this policy with loose rhetoric, perhaps egged on by some of his advisors and critics to “do something”.
In truth, Obama-and many others-miscalculated. They believed that al-Assad’s regime was near the end, misreading both its strength and brutality, but also the level of support it has from several segments of Syria.
But what American national interest is being followed? The administration says it is upholding international law.
The nature of the strike, we are told, will be short and symbolic-shot across the bow. In the midst of a civil war in which both sides are in a high stakes struggle for survival, does anyone think that this will make any difference?
I don’t think that this strike, should it eventually take place, will be as damaging as its critics fear. The Assad regime will likely hunker down, take it, and move on. It will make little difference one way or the other. But the manner, in which the Obama administration has first created and then mismanaged this crisis, will alas, cast a long shadow on America’s role in the world.
Extract of an article in HT dated 04 Sept 2013  Fareed Zakaria

Finally US has found another target in the “Oil Rich” west Asia. This time Obama has defined the time limit, sixty days extendable by another thirty days. Total of ninety days of engagement.
What has happened to the region during last 12-15 years?
IRAQ- First intervention, since Saddam Hussain pounced on Kuwait.  Let us not forget Saddam Hussain was the biggest terrorist within his own country and his immediate neighbours. Nobody could dare Saddam Hussain. Iraq was the most liberal Islamic country, belly dancing bars; women were dressed in modest western style dress. Skirts up to below the knee length. Very rich and happy go lucky people. US pounced on Iraq for more than a decade and left them in a lurch to fend for themselves. Today where is Iraq, more than 30-40 people are killed in ethnic violence and bomb attack.
As a sequel to 9/11 US started bombing Afghanistan from the night of 7 Oct 2001. Nearly twelve years have lapsed. Only victory having nabbed and killed “Osama Bin Laden” in operation “Geronimo” on 2 May 2011.

Now US & NATO have decided to pull out by mid 2014. What will be the fate of Afghanistan? Country will be ruled by “Land Lords” of different classes and the country will be splintered into 3-4 class of land lords. There will be a blood bath on regular basis killing 30-40 people on a daily basis.

Libya & Egypt
Great interference by the US. They remain more destabilized than before. No effective and fruitful solution is visible in the immediate future.

I recall a book written by Arun Sourie, “WORLD OF FATWAS” where he analysis and describes how regimented is the religion. They cannot be served by democratic norms only a dictatorial regime can control them. The deepen fall out of this US policy has been to ferment fundamentalism.  Fundamentalism is on the increase and terrorist groups are growing and making the countries like India more and more threatened. So the “American Citizen” far off can remain safe . The ultimate aim of US policy. 

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