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Narendra Modi- PM Candidate

Narendra Modi- PM Candidate                                                                                      20 Sept 2013

13 Sept was ‘D’ day for BJP to have chosen to declare Narendra Modi as Prime Minister, candidate, for 2014 elections. 13th  was chosen considering very auspicious because Atal Behari Vajpayee’s 1st Govt lasted 13 days 2nd for 13 months and finally from 1999-2004. The jubilation in some selected major cities (Delhi, Patna, Lucknow and many smaller cities) reflected as BJP has mustered a support of 273 MP’s and the parliamentary Party has elected the PM.

Let us have a look “How” “The follow UPLikely outcome” and final picture.

“How Narendra Modi” ?- He has been thought-out as a party leader by the hierarchy of RSS. Atal Behari Vajpayee & Lal Krishna Advani never allowed direct interference of RSS in political functioning of the BJP. This direct political dominance started with the dictated appointment of Nitin Gadkari as the president of the BJP, more than 3 years back. If RSS was really keen to see Modi as a national leader of the BJP, they should have appointed him the president of the BJP and not “Rajnath Singh”. But their designs were clear they wanted somebody else’s shoulder to carry the baggage of the RSS hence Rajnath Singh.

The follow UP and the likely fallout

RSS will set the agenda, Hinduttva &Ram Mandir, Polarization of caste oriented politics. The riots in Kishtwar in J & K and recent riots in Muzafar Nagar are quite an indication of things to come.  Modi is yet to be accepted as a PM candidate within the BJP. LK/MM/Sushma/Anant and many others (Yashwant Sinha/Jaswant Singh/ Shatrughan Sinha) are not in line with the RSS dictated methodology. They all are politically finished or would be wasted out drenched out, and many others would beheaded ruthlessly. .

Conventionally leader of the parliamentary party is elected by the elected MP’s (LS members) or the name is proposed by the Party hierarchy and endorsed by the elected members. BJP claims themselves to be the most democratic and transparent party. They have put this all by the side, and are being dictated by the RSS. BJP’s top leadership is behaving like timid and obedient sycophants’. There is no reflection of leadership they are only the His Master’s Voice. (HMV)

“Final outcome”

BJP has to score 272 marks. They have a capacity to put up just 300 candidates all over India. Even if BJP does extremely well, may win in 150 seats the best (amounts to 50% success) . They would still need 123 more in nos. Even if their present alliance parties (SAD + SS) give those 30 seats the ‘BJP’ still would need nearly 85 more numbers. Next to impossible.

What is Modi?

Hard core communal. Aggressive-vkØked, abrasive-vi?k’kZd, dictatorial- rkuk”kkgh, revengeful- çfr”kks/k.  If he has allowed a situation, that no communal riots since 2002, he has kept the minorities under pressure and threat. He directed his henchman to eliminate those whom he didn’t like or tolerated.   A minister, Sohrabuddin, Isharatjan and many more were eliminated through encounters by his loyal police officer’s who are languishing in Jail. Anybody who came in his way as a political bottle neck he succeeded in eliminating them politically. The so called top political leadership of BJP at the national level can forget their political ambitions.  LK/MM/Sushma/YS/JS/Vinay Katiyar please find a graveyard or another battle ground. Modi is not a political threat to any other political party; Narendra Modi is a physical & political threat to his own party BJP.

BJP has accepted him as PM candidate, reluctantly, forced on them. How can Nation accept Narendra Modi.

Editorial in HT

Change gears on the road to Delhi                                                              
Naredra Modi and the BJP should now work towards framing inclusive policies

The coronation itself was perhaps not what Mr Modi had hoped for, with the party patriarch LK Advani sulking and staying away/ while the party may be celebrating the fact that it has stolen a march over its rival the Congress, it will now have to transform itself into a government-in-waiting and its newly anointed leader will have to start thinking nationally.
In recent years, the BJP has been little more than a disruptive opposition in Parliament, It has come up with very little by way of policy or solutions to the many problems that India faces. For a start, the people will be looking to Mr. Modi and the party to come up with answers on how to overcome the dreadful economic crisis.

Declaring a prime ministerial candidate in advance makes it incumbent on the BJP to now come up with its blueprint on how to revive the economy and it is no use saying that the Gujarat model can be replicated elsewhere. It cannot be replicated in such a vast and diverse country like India.

The RSS may have pushed Mr Modi through, but its brand of exclusivist politics will not yield results for its protégé. He has to rise above Hindustva to appeal to Indians in general.
Where Mr Modi will face a considerable challenge is winning over the south where the BJP has not got much of a foothold.

He will have to get over his penchant to market himself as the sole savior of the party and win over allies well in advance. Not many of them, as evident, subscribe to Mr Modi’s brand of politics. It has been a long road from Gandhinagar to New Delhi; it will certainly be a rocky one from prime ministerial aspirant to prime minister. 

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