Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Fact File Goodbye Stress, Hello Success

Goodbye Stress, Hello Success                                                           July 18, 2013
Stress is a disease of the 21st Century. It axes years from your life. Stress affects work output, causing failure and unhappiness. We need to develop internal protection from the challenges of life.
You attribute your stress to an external agency. You believe your mother-in-law, boss or the weather causes your stress. Vedanta says that nothing in the world has the power to disturb you except yourself. Stress is an internal phenomenon. Hence the solution lies within.
Vedanta says samam, serenity, is the key to success, happiness and growth. There are three states of mind. When the mind is calm but there is no motivation to work and no action, it is the lowest state of tamas, apathy. When activity begins but discontent is the motive it is the intermediate state of rajas, passion. Vedanta speaks of the superlative state of sattva, purity, where the mind is calm, intellect sharp and actions brilliant.
What disturbs the mind? Negativity and desire. Tackle these internal causes and the mind remains serene even if a storm rages outside. The mind takes easily to negativity. The intellect helps withdraw the mind from negative channels and think positively.
Fix a higher goal. As your mind is engaged in the higher pursuit, lower desires drop. Work dedicatedly, wholeheartedly, detachedly. Every action becomes perfect. You attain extraordinary success. You find happiness in the action itself. And you grow spiritually.
Extracts from an article –TOI July 13


Be honest, transparent, helpful caring and positive attitude-stress, fatigue, tiredness, feeling low or depression  would all be away from you. Make friends and share your thoughts, would rejuvenate you. Friendship is the wine of life.  

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