Monday, May 24, 2010

Credentials of “Mazboot Neta”.

Air Marshal Ashok Goel (Retd.)
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Bareilly-243005 (U.P.) INDIA
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Credentials of “Mazboot Neta”.

1. He is 82 Years of age.
2. He has been in politics for more than 5 decades.
3. He is a refugee from Pakistan migrated in 1947.
4. However he became an Indian citizen only in 1954.
5. He has been a member of RSS since his child hood
6. He was president of BJP twice.
7. He is one of those senior leaders who visited Pak.
8. During his visit to Pak he made some favorable remarks on Jinnah (A secular leader) to earn the goodwill of Indians Muslims and to present himself as a secular leader of Communal and fundamentalist party i.e the BJP.
9. This bounced back on him, and the custodians of Hindu Raj the RSS bosses were annoyed with him for his utterances in Pakistan.
10. He retracted his statements on Pak and was forced to shed the BJP president ship.
11. To shadow his weakness and take shelter he writes his biography with too many contradictions.
12. During his tenure a HM and DPM the internal security scenario showed was at its worst
(a) Attack on Parliament 13 Dec 01. How did two loads of Ambassador Cars enter the high security zone of Parliament, was any body made accountable and punished?
(b) Attack on Aksherdham in Gujrat and on Raghnath temple in J&K are other examples.
(c) Kargil happened due to overwhelming exuberance of the NDA Govt for Feb 99 Bus Yatra. To Lahore
(d) 24 Dec 99 –IC -814 is hijacked , on ground at Amritser for 45 Minutes , / half a dozen ways to incapacitate the aircraft on ground at Amtritsher indecisiveness of the Govt resulted in IC -814 taking off from Amritser . Most shameful event.
13. As a matter of bargain (subsequent to the poor design making) three most dreaded terrorist longing in our Jails. (Azher Masood / Omer Sharief / Zorawar) for more than 5 years are released and escorted by then FM on 31 Dec 99 to Kandhar.
14. OP Parakram (subsequent to Parliament attack on 13 Dec 2001) all three wings of armed force were put on high alert Dec end 2001. The complete Western border was concentrated and futified. All combat elements from the EAC / CAC were moved to the western front. They all remained on high alert for eleven months. It was difficult to explain to the combat elements after few weeks why and for how long.

These are reflections of the “Mazboot Neta and Nirnayak Sarkar” for you to Judge.

Compiled By Air Marshal Ashok Goel (Retd.)

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