Monday, May 24, 2010

Air Marshal Ashok K. Goel (Retd.) 26/11 Kasab and the Euphoria

Air Marshal Ashok K. Goel (Retd.)
11 Silver Estate,
Bareilly-243006 (U.P.)

26/11 Kasab and the Euphoria

First week of May was heavily booked in print and electronic media on the trial of Kasab and death penalty to him. This gave an impression of a big victory of a battle won by India. Undoubtedly the legal luminaries of the country spared no effort of a transparent and fair trial, and the guilty had to be suitably punished.

But with the same Euphoria we have no answers to:

ü How such a well planned terrorist attack was conceived planned & executed?
ü How did Headly & Rana people of Pak origin kept on visiting this country 18-24 months earlier and went unnoticed?
ü How (12) did well trained and highly motivated terrorists traveled by sea hundreds of KM unnoticed?
ü How did they land on the shores of Mumbai and moved to predestined and defined locations to play havoc among our civilized establishments?
ü Did our police force and STF Maharashtra reacted adequately,. Immediately and intelligently.
ü Was there lapse of official duties by the local agencies?
ü Did we not have total lack of intelligence failure and the vigilance by the local security agencies?
ü Slackness on the part of senior police officers, all traveling together in a vehicle not adequately protected.
ü Do you think that award of “Nations Highest “Gallantry Award”-Ashok Chakra” to fourteen killed security personnel was justified.
ü Kargil was a greater challenge where 650 of our soldiers and young officers’ ware killed and far & few gallantry awards were conferred. All 650 killed in Kargil should be conferred with some gallantry award even now to correct the imbalance.
ü Are we really serious on National Security search your heart and debate in yourself?

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