Saturday, March 25, 2017

We the People of India – 2/2017 26, March 2017

Honorable  - Prime Minster Shri Modi Ji

Post Poll Happenings

First : The BJP’s Strategy is to Secure power at all cost. As exhibited in Manipur as well as Goa, No one is an untouchable for the party. The main criterion is win ability. The swift manner in which the BJP formed the government Goa and Manipur. Both states where it came behind the Congress, could have only happened with advanced planning and crucial help from not just other political parties but also the Governor.

Second : UP’s new Hindu rashtra must try reaching out to Muslims. The appointment of Hindutva leader Yogi Adityanath as chief minister has converted the majority verdict in UP into a majoritarian one, and PM Modi has taken a huge risk given his sabka saath sabka vikash rhetroric. Verdict 2017 has been brutally divisive. Muslim representation in UP’s assembly has fallen from 17.1% in 2012 to 5.9% in 2017.
Modi’s tenure in Gujarat saw communal peace but the price of that peace has been a bitterly divided society. Ahmedabad’s residential areas are starkly partitioned along religious lines. Similar divisions in UP would be potentially disastrous given the sheer size of the Muslim population and deep commercial inter connectedness between communities.

Thirdly : First week of Yogi’s rule – “Directions and Instructions to Bureaucracy and Police. Perform or Perish”.

Fourthly : A Gaushala is to be created at 5 Kalidas Marg in Lucknow (The official residence of the CM). The activity is (A) – against civic norms and etiquettes (B ) against the very concept of Swach Bharat.
            A suggestion to dear CM. You have nearly 4.5 MLA’s in 75 district of UP. Hundreds of cows and other animals loiter around the cities and roads of UP. They are not only serious road safety hazard but also defeat PM’s most important swach Bharat abhiyan. Each district should be advised to open five gausala’s with hundred cows in each of them. They should be open outside the residential areas. They should be closely monitored by the district BJP setups. Such an step would ensure cleanliness and would also be a step towards creation of smart cities.


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