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The fact file- Fooling Everybody Modinomics is the stuff of nightmares

The fact file- Fooling Everybody                                                                              14 April 2014
Modinomics is the stuff of nightmares
For those who are worried about the environment, Modi’s ascendance to the post is a cause for worry

Narendra modi as India’s prime minister will be a development disaster. In Gujarat, his tenure as chief minister has seen worsening or stagnation of the health and livelihood prospects of the poor, and widespread ecological damage.

In a recent report, labour and environmental activists Rohit prajapati and Trupti Shah laid bare the Modi government’s deliberate dispossession of farmers to create cheap labour for industries, and the dubious distinction of having 30% of India’s major accident hazard’ industries as also its most ‘critical polluted areas’. Other analysts have brought out the abysmal state of health and education, especially among the state’s adivasis and Delits.

Modi’s ‘developmentalism’ includes sidestepping all norms to make land and water available to corporate houses. It means taking over the land and water of 70 villages to promote the patel statue as a tourism zone. It involves Project kalpasar, a 30 km dam across the Gulf of Khambhat, ignoring potentially colossal social and ecological costs, ignoring also the much chaper, more sustainable, and more democratic alternatives to water security such as those demonstrated by civil society groups in kachchh and Saurasdhtra. Given all this, it will not be a surprise if, as PM, he instructs the Union ministry of environment and forests to dilute or sidestep environmental, laws to enable corporate take-overs.

The UPA at least brought in some progressive legislation and schemes, under the influence of civil society. Will Modi be open to such in influence? Activists in Gujarat report an atmosphere of intolerance and authoritarianism that discourages dissent. Activists peacefully protesting against the Patel statue, or a proposed nuclear power station in Bhavnagar district, or industrial expansion into ecosystems that fisher folk, farmers, adivasis are dependent on, have been dealt with by heavy police bandobast are repression. The largest number of RTI activists killed or injured in India belong to Gujarat.

Those who will cheer most if Modi becomes PM are the corporate sector and a part of the upwardly mobile middle classes. To them, people’s struggles for justice, movements by the poor to resist displacement and land acquisition, and environmental activism, are all ‘hurdles’ to profits and further enrichment. Unfortunately a large section of the population may also vote for him dreaming of joining the 10% of India that own 53% of its wealth. But for those who worry about the ‘jobless’ growth of today’s development model, about half of India still deprived of basic needs, and how future generations are being robbed of their right to a healthy environment, Modi’s ascendance to India’s to position is a cause for nightmars.  

As seen & reported by a Social Activist HT 31 March 2014

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