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As I Saw it The Black Sunday- 08 Dec 2013

As I Saw it  The Black Sunday- 08 Dec 2013

Indian team was being thrashed by South Africa in their second ODI. The top team in ICC ranking. Some of the Indian batsman rated as the best were crumpling down as they were novice to this game of cricket.
Back home the four states (MP/Rajasthan/Chattisgarh/Delhi) were bringing in the most humiliating out come. The 125 years grand old party congress was thrashed and beaten down to most tragic low. The hallmark was corruption ¼Hkz’Vkpkj½ inflation eagxkbZ and women’s safety.

How and why?
·         The trend started with 2010 “Common Wealth Games” when number of small and big corruption cases were brought up. Top officials of IOA and GOC were put behind bars
·         This was followed by CAG report on 2G and coal mine allocation. Whether right or wrong the complete blame was attributed to the existing Govt (UPA-II)
·         Mishandling of Ramdev’s agitation at Ramlila Maidan and followed by Anna’s Lokpal bill agitation when he was arrested added fuel to the fire.
·         Gangrape of Damini in Delhi on 16 Dec 2012 and neglect and poor presence of top leadership of the congress did not associate with agitating young generation at India Gate and around. While Delhi remained paralyzed for nearly two weeks no central Govt or political leader “Connected” with the young agitating crowed in and around India Gate. 
·         Rising prices, devolution of Re further aggravated the situation.
·         Janta is angry and anguished with the ruling party (UPA-II)

Other reasons

  • Loose and controversial utterances should be avoided by senior leaders.
  • Lack of strong leadership at the state levels. People at the late stage being projected, Jyotirmay Scindia is an example in MP.
  • We must appoint state presidents strong committed with orational skills who are good communicators.
  • Such appointment should for full five years who are accepted by all class understand state politically well.
  • They should build cadres have full authority to appoint district, block, and Gram Panchayat Level organizational structure.
  •  It has to be a continuous process. Some bold decisions are required.
  • Non political forces to be encouraged. One such example is that of Ex serviceman. They project an honest and committed force and well respected by the people.

Next General Elections are 5-6 months away. Still time for the “Congress Party” to build up and come back as a “formidable Force.”

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