Thursday, October 31, 2013

The lies of Modi

It ‘s not shining for everyone                                                               01 Oct 2013

What India needs in 2014 is not a choice between alternative leaders but alternative policies that can create a better country

The rising pitch of the NaMo RaGa cacophony is further disrupting our fragile social harmony perilously ignoring today’s ground realities. Six years ago, India was promised surplus electricity following the Indo-US nuclear deal. By bulldozing this deal, UPA I jettisoned the outside support of the Left parties, thus liberating UPA 2 to generate the ‘spoils of office’ and not generate a single additional unit of nuclear power. This set in motion a nuclear chain reaction of corruption that is accelerating towards ‘escape velocity’.

The BJP, equally unconcerned about ground realities is euphorically marketing its prime ministerial candidate. In addition to the Rs. 80 crore public relations budget of its candidate, the BJP will reportedly add Rs. 150 crore and Rs. 20 crore on digital media to his personal campaign. KPMG-the global consultancy working on the Vibrant Gujarat project-reportedly declined to share their audit results but the merchandising industry (estimated Rs. 500 crore) around the PM aspirant is growing a la Obama 2008 campaign that fetched around $38 million from the sale of merchandise. Where is all this money coming from? Given such a huge expenditure, the PM aspirant’s call for confiscating illegal foreign bank accounts of Indians sounds hollow.

Reality check the 2011-13 Global Hunger Index Report released last week’s shows that a quarter of world’s hungry (210 million out of 842 million) are in India alone; 43.5% of the world’s underweight children (under-5years) are Indians.

The NaMo raga campaigns, thus, appear surreal to the ‘real’India. May be out of despair, sections of India Inc are cheering the BJP aspirant as one who will carry forward the agenda of neo-liberal economic reforms aggressively thus permitting profit maximization. Recollect that it was the BJP-led NDA government under AB Vajpayee that heralded the illusion of ‘Shining India’ and the ‘feel good factor’. Thus, they consolidated the creation of two Indias with a growing histus between them.

The first: a global wealth and investment report showed India recorded the second highest increase of high net worth individuals (HNI)-with investable assets of over $1 million-in the world. The HNI population grew by 22.2% in 2012 while their wealth grew by 23.4%.These 1,53,000 HNIs together hold assets worth $589 billion-0.001275% of our population holding assets between a third- and -a –half of our GDP.
The second: the All Rural Development Report shows that the proportion of self-employed people in agriculture, ie cultivators, is shrinking even as large numbers shift to non-farm jobs on insecure terms. In the last decade, public investment in agriculture has remained stagnant and the consequent crisis is reflected in growing farmer suicides.

Rural India’s health fared badly with over 28% not accessing treatment as they could not afford to. This proportion goes up to 37% for SCs and 32% for STs.

Despite high rural enrolment, the proportion of students in the age group attending school fell from 78% at the primary level to just 29% at the higher secondary level in 2009-10. Learning levels were also poor with less than half the students in Class 5 being able to read books of Class 1 and 2. Less than half the students in Class 8 could recognize numbers and do addition and subtraction.

This is the reality of the two Indians. It is this trajectory of enriching the rich and impoverishing the poor that India Inc wants to carry forward aggressively and is hoping that their ‘messiah’ would deliver.

What India needs in 2014, thus, is not the choice between alternative leaders but what it needs is alternative policies that can marshal our resources for creating a better India.

Neta nahin, neeti chahiye.  
HT 22 Oct 2013
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^vkt dk vkuUn* Maharashtra dated 25 Oct 2013
Modi’s lies and politicization of Sardar Patel

Can anybody decry or deny the facts that Sardar Patel was

·         A great Nationalist and secular leader.
·         He was a staunch and dedicated congressman.
·         He was a great admirer loyalist and committed to Mahatma Gandhi’s theories & thinking.
·         Nehru & Sardar Patel were complimentary to each other in every facet of life. Democratic Institutions and secularism.
·         However Mahatma Gandhi preferred Nehru to lead and show the way. Sardar Patel gave his full to Nehru and the Nation in his short lived 3 years after Independence.
·         Sardar Patel was a strong, no nonsense leader when it came tolerance & patience specially so related to hard core Hinduttva.
·         If Sardar Patel had become PM then the fate of organizations like JanSangh/Hindu Mahasabha/VHP/RSS etc would have vanished from the Indian scene.
·         Why has NaMo suddenly woken up to hail the greatness of Sardar Patel. To project a national image for himself.
·         Raise a bogey of Nehru V/s Patel thus trying to bring a disrepute to the era of great leaders Nehru/ Indira/Rajiv and now RaGa.

·         Why other front leaders of BJP & related organization are not coming in open support of “Great Liar NaMo

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