Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Anna, former Army chief launch joint attack on govt

Anna, former Army chief launch joint attack on govt                    
                                                                                                                07 Nov. 2012
Demand Parliament Be Dissolved; Hazare Backs Kejriwal

“A new set of parliamentarians is needed. Let election be held so that people can decide if they are satisfied,” said V K Singh. “As per our Constitution India is a welfare state in which a democratically elected government is duty-bound to protect and improve the life of the masses,” said Singh. “But the current system has completely ignored these principles and has surrendered to markets forces.”

“People are feeling oppressed due to these policies. MPs too have stopped raising the issues of ownership of water, forest and land in Parliament. Is it not necessary to determine who own the forest, water, minerals and land of this country? To facilitate them in taking this decision, it is imperative to dissolve this Parliament.” This government is looting the nation even more than the British did. It’s time we brought it down.

As reported in the media
Dear General VK Singh

As reported in the newspapers, your recent boldness to caste aspersions on the functional democratic system is atrocious in totality. Reflects your frustration and sense of defeat. You need to update your knowledge on two counts:

(a)   The “British Raj” of more than 150 years and their misdeeds you praised the British Govt indirectly.
(b)   What progress has India made during last 65 years (1947-2012)

You are ignorant and devoid of any rational thinking & reasoning. You claim to have fought wars, the only war you fought as COAS was for revision of your DOB . Which reflected only your personal interest to ten month additional service, and you wanted to set the hierarchical order of succession to the post of COAS to your “CHAMCHA’  pepk

Finally the highest court of the country “Supreme Court” Indicted you and you were made to shut up. You should praise the present democratically elected govt to complete your tenure (as COAS) and retire honorably which you didn’t deserve. You should have been sacked and dismissed from service as Admiral Bhagwat was dismissed and removed as CNS on 30 Dec 1998.

You have shamed the Indian Armed Forces in general and Indian Army a great deal in particular. These are the views expressed by serving and retired officers.

Latest news indicates that you have also decided to “Gherao” parliament in the immediate future. You will further ridicule yourself and put the Indian Armed Forces personnel to greater shame. We wish the almighty better sense should prevail in you.

Air Marshal Ashok Goel (Retd)

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