Wednesday, October 10, 2012

India’s Modern Day Politicians & Politicking

Since 2014 is approaching (nearly twenty month to go for General Election) politician seem to have lost sense of “Nation Building”, somebody would comment “when did they have in any case”. The opposition role in our context appears to be just “OPPOSE”, come what may. Somehow the other the “constitutional sanctioning”, to “Voice your opinion freely and candidly” remains the most forceful weapon in the hands of “Direction Less” political parties/groups in existence for decades or emerging newly born political outfits.

BJP- always claimed to be a party with a difference,                                                                              yes they are the ones. Their leaders opine differently, they change party constitution to continue to impose a RSS (the parent organization of the BJP) nominee as the president BJP. They claim to have more than half a dozen PM candidates. They change their slogan from “Hindutva to secularism” as well article 370 is of no consequences. As of now the Modi’s candidature remains a taboo to be projected at “National Level”, as they (BJP) might lose some minority votes. Always appear to be directionsless with no vision. At least some body among the top leadership should start behaving like a statesman. (what ABV was). Recently Tarun Vijay (a BJP ideologue) lamented in an article “political leaders are loosing decency and politeness” My dear Tarun Vinay jee it is your top leaders of the day who used words like “Nikamma” for the PM of the country. Better you (Tarun Vijay) to organize some lessons and lectures for your top leaders & spokes persons (of your party) on reht & rgtho

TMC & Mamta- She wanted to run Railway Ministry from Kolkata and now shifted her base to Delhi to run the affairs of her party. A one man (though headed by a woman) party where all other MP’s (or minstens) are just the mute listener or specimen, nodding their heads in affirmative as she speaks. Only one person who dared to show some courage (Dinesh Trivedi) was kicked out from the railway ministry and has been gagged to the extent one wonders if he is alive.

She claims to be ardent nationalist all the time thinking of “Aam Admi”. Only one action of her’s having Ousted Marxist out of WB after their 37 years of rule has created a vote bank which tends to satisfy her. When it comes to national interest,  going to Bangladesh on a preplanned and promised, and agreed trip she ditched the PM at the last moment Governance in her own state is in the state of neglect, (a total governance deficit) just  to divert attention she is trying to nationalize the issues away from WB.

Any way its has been a good riddance from Mamta, most idiosyncratic unpredictable, irresponsible and most of the time unreliable.

Samajwadi- Mulayam & Akhilesh- Having captured UP has been the greatest success. Bribed and lured the voters specially young boys & girls with unemployment allowance – csjkstxkjh HkRrk, laptops, tablats Sarees etc. Actually such promises to the voters should be termed as malpractices by the EC.

Though six months is a short period to assese the performance. Just two important factors power situations, and law & order has worsened. It is a common saying that during BSP regime there was only one Dada in the state that was Mayawati herself. Political leaders of her own party, administration (police & others) had fear in their mind. That  kept the law & order fairly under control. Now every district and Tehsil has local ‘Dada and Goonda’ who try to take control of the law & order, and the situation has worsened.

Few weeks earlier CM/Akhilesh Yadav made a statement “eueksgu us ns”k dks cckZn dj fn;k” He needs some lessons in etiquettes and courtsies, as well as in “macroeconomics” with immediate past of the country (1991 onwards). Mulayam Singh is dreaming of becoming a PM. Just imagine he does not have clarity of speech, thoughts, keeps on changing his stance as he changes his Dhoti, Kurta. One cannot forget 2008 when Mayawati was brought on the center stage and projected as the future PM. CPM is quite efficient in enhancing false status of diffused and confused politicians, be happy and satisfied where ever you have reached.

Anna & Kejriwal- A confused couple. They brought some people like Kumar Vishwas, Sanjay singh, Shazia the people of no consequences to lime light Kejriwal and his associates have brought in indiscipline, disrespect for law & order and a sense of discordant by their false information campaign.  The recent example was against electricity charges in the state of Delhi. He is misguiding people and flouting the existing laws. Kejriwal’s launch of political party and its impact and success needs to be watched. There are many examples of even much stronger bureaucrats having tried this gimmick. 

Recently he has hit another soft target (RV) knowing that there would be large scale reaction. If he (Kejriwal) is honest in his approach of exploring kith & kin of high political people, he should start a campaign with RB, the foster son in law of ABV. It is well known that he had amassed nearly Rs.1000 crores worth of assets in a matter of 5 years.

Ramdev- From ;ksx to jksx. One has to decide whether he deserves to be called a “Baba” any longer. Such people speak loud adopt an offensive approach in their utterances to hide their short comings, weak nesses and wrong doings.

tkxks India tkxks------- Wake up India

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