Friday, August 24, 2012

Anna’s party would be a great blunder

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The Fact File

20 August 2012

No. of articles have appeared on Anna and his movement. This best was published in TOI Sunday edition by Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar Extracts

Anna’s party would be a great blunder

This is madness. Please abandon the idea. A political party has to take a stand on a wide array of issues. This will irretrievably dilute your focus on corruption. Many Muslims back you on corruption, but hate Ramdev.

Success in politics entails alliances and coalitions, and this will mean compromises with the very parties you castigate as corrupt.  The problem is that you and your team have been spoiled by the mass public attention you attracted last year. You incorrectly thought you had suddenly become great national leaders. Dead wrong.

Annaji, a national anti-corruption platform cannot be based on support from Delhi’s middle class or TV anchors. You have failed to conquer Delhi. Instead of seeking a quick fix in a new political party, please accept that the way to change India is not from Delhi downward but from the grassroots upwards.

You have more dependable fans and followers in Maharashtra than you will ever have in Delhi. Please go back to your grassroots and try to cleanse Maharashtra first. If you cannot cleanse Maharashtra, why imagine you can cleanse India?

How True !

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