Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bofors Rajeev Gandhi & VP Singh - The Fact File

Bofors Rajeev Gandhi & VP Singh - The Fact File Some revelations by the Swedish Police Chief through Chitra Subramanian, have given more opportunity to the bad mouth without knowing the many facts. Rajeev Gandhi:- • Was a visionary and believed in modernity. • Selection of Bofors gun was fair and professional. • Bofors was the best gun then and even now. • We Got saved in 1999 (Kargil) because we had Bofors. • Mirage – 2000, Mig-29’s, An – 32, IL-76 aircrafts and Mi-17 heptrs were inducted during his tenure as PM, set the pace for modernization in the IAF. • Similarly ARC moved towards modernization with the induction of B-707 (for Elint) G-III (Gulfstreem) for PR, An-32, & IL-76 were also inducted for modernization of the intelligence outfits. • Even modernization of civil aviation-Air Bus-320 was inducted in IA. VP Singh:- • He raised the bogey of corruption in the Bofors deal – directly blaming Rajeev Gandhi. • He also raised doubts on induction of Air Bus-320. One Air Bus 320 had crashed near Bangalore airfield on approach (short finals). The fleet was grounded, a high level enquiry was ordered. The aircraft accident was due to human error. Lack of adaptability to the new systems. The Air Bus fleet remained grounded for eighteen months, incurring heavy losses. (Folly of VP Sing’s Govt.) • VP Singh generated a politics of hatred, to achieve his political aim just to become PM. • In overall analysis VP Singh caused the Indian polity the maximum damage. • In a nut shell it can be summarized VP Singh stabbed Rajeev Gandhi in his back.

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