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Transforming India - 3 (That must be diffused )

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Air Marshal Ashok K. Goel (Retd.)

That must be diffused
The population BOMB
1. India’s Population Policy- much to catch up and learn from others!
India has 1, 200 million people. Chins has 1,314 million. Nearly 27 million are born every year in India and ONLY 15 million in China. China has had a more effective population policy than India, although they started in 1970. India’s population policy started much earlier, in 1952. By 2045, (now expected by 2025) we shall overtake the Chinese population, with an India population of 1,550 million! Life expectancy in China is now 74 years vs 68 years in India. In China the average family size is 3.63 members. In India it is much higher, with 5.52 members.
2. Percentage of people below poverty line. China and India
We fail to understood the fact why some thinkers and leaders in India, mention that our population is our strength. How can they make such statements, with so much poverty, illiteracy and a low standard of living? It’s a nightmare for the poor in India!
3. India’s economic parameters- the simple truth!
India has 17% of the world’s population, 2.2% of the land area, 1.72% of the world’s GDP and only 1% of the world trade. This means that 98.27% of the World’s GDP [Buying Power] and 99% of the world’s trade is not with India! India must plan larger exports, for increasing the standard of living of its people.
4. Adjustment for population increase The hard facts!
It the GDP grows by 9.2% per year, as in 2006-2007, the per capita does not grow at 9.2%. It is reduced due to the yearly population increase, and due to inflation and other issues. Therefore the final per capita increase would be much lesser. This is only, one of the disadvantages, of ballooning population.

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